Local Sports Center Has Opened

Our local sports center, Lancaster Fitness has finally opened its comprehensive variety of sports facilities to the neighborhood and provides reduced rates to members of the Knights of Columbus Lancaster Council 1016.The Sports Club provides a chance to utilize their exceptional sports facilities that include a 25m pool, physical fitness suite, 2 sports halls and a number of squash courts at very competitive prices. A series of physical fitness classes and activities for members likewise offer a perfect method to meet buddies and also keep fit and active while doing so.

The staff are a all highly qualified and provide a high quality service found at a low cost. Their personnel are exceptionally encouraging and offer all our members with customised physical fitness programs to fit their requirements. They offer a wide number of health machines such as toning tables as well as vibro stations in addition to a variety of physical fitness and toning lessons to keep members inspired and having a desire to carry on with their journey into physical fitness!
We recommend that our more mature members consult a physician before taking part. We also recommend getting the right support accessories for their back such as these back support braces or look here if you are a lady and exercising with weights.

It’s important to take care of yourselves to prevent any injuries taking place but it’s most important to have fun!!

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